Herbal Healing

Throughout the world and well into the 1900’s, the use of herbal remedies was common. Depending on the region, specific plants were used for specific ailments.

Natural remedies were passed down from generation to generation as many people could not afford pharmaceutical drugs or to see a doctor.

During the last century, the chemical industry was able to synthesize most natural remedies using chemical compounds, also known as pharmaceutical remedies.

The Origin of Gwen Miller Magic Balm

Magic Balm is based on the recipe that was used by many generations of the Maertens family in Bruges, Belgium. This recipe survived the “chemicalization” of natural remedies as it is believed that pure, natural remedies have superior healing abilities.

  • This age-old recipe is recorded in medieval medical journals.Traditional recipes used three main herbs: St. John’s wort, calendula and arnica that were picked in the wild at specific times of the year and made into ointments and creams, then kept handy in case of emergency.

In the Maertens family, the herbal cream became known as Metje’s zalf (grandmother’s cream), as it was usually the grandmother who maintained the tradition of making cream and applying it for the rest of the family. Aside from the natural ingredients, her tender loving care may have given the cream its extra healing power.

The birth of Gwen Miller Magic Balm

Gwen Miller is a foot reflexology therapist. She loves nature, obsessed with the study of medicinal value of flowers and the efficacy of plant remedies — the pursuit of natural advocates.

In 1994, she met one of the the descendants of the Maertens family: Nobert Maertens. They both love nature and like living in a natural environment.

• Gwen Miller and Norbert Maertens demonstrating Magic Balm products

Nobert Maertens shared the secret family recipe with Gwen Miller, and she continued to study the uniqueness of the secret materials and how they might be improved.