Gwen Miller Healing Massage Oil

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Made in Canada


Recommended usage:

  • Helping to relieve pain and inflammation in arthritic joints
  • Protecting skin before and after sun tanning
  • Healing mild sunburns quickly with no blistering


  • Calendula
  • Arnica
  • St. John’s Wort
  • Oil extract of Rosemary
  • Essential oils of Egyptian Gernaium
  • Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)

One thought on “Gwen Miller Healing Massage Oil

  1. Jonathan Geiser

    Dear Gwen

    Have a good testimonial for you. As you may heard I hurt my ankle and wear an aircast since. The problem with the stiff aircast is that blood circulation is an issue. After a longer period walking with the cast I noticed my food underside being extremely wrinkled and white. It actually looked like massive blisters really weird and concerning. In addition my food would stink really bad due to lack of air causing bacteria to multiply. I used your Gwen Miller massage oil and started to massage my foot with it every morning and sometimes evening as well. Within a matter of few days everything, all the wrinkles and blisters, disappeared and my leg doesn’t stink anymore either. I can highly recommend your product to people who may have a similar issue. I learned that apparently 40% of all people have once in their life a sprained or broken foot. They need to know your product.

    Besides your story in how you persevered with your product development and business is inspiring and a testimony for many people!



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