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Case 1

• A young girl bruised her eyebrow and eyelid, which healed within a short time after Magic Balm was applied several times a day.

Case 2

• A little boy‘s bump on his head became swollen and red. The swelling and redness reduced in record time after applying Magic Balm.

Case 3

• A man injured his ankle while playing soccer; it became red and swollen. Magic Balm relieved the pain and swelling. The redness disappeared after five days.

Case 4

• A severe fall resulted in injury and swelling of the hand and wrist. Magic Balm was applied immediately and pain and swelling were gone within a few hours.


Case 5

• A child injured her knee, which became red and swollen. Immediate application of Magic Balm relieved the pain and swelling. The redness disappeared after several applications.

Case 6

• A child developed a mild skin rash on her eyelid. The rash and redness disappeared after a few applications of the Magic Balm.

Case 7

• An itchy dry rash developed on the back of the leg. The rash disappeared and the skin returned to normal after Magic Balm was applied for four days in a row.

Case 8

• A girl developed a skin rash on her back. The rash and redness disappeared within one hour after an application of Magic Balm.


Case 9

• A housewife got a splash of hot oil on her hand while cooking dinner. She immediately placed her hand under cold running water for 15 mins to cool down. Then, she applied a thick layer of Magic Balm to stop the pain. She continued to use Magic Balm two to three times a day. After a week of applications, the discoloration was gone and the swollen skin had healed.

Insect bites

Case 10

• A little girl got a mosquito bite on one of her eyes. Magic Balm was applied for three days; the swelling and redness were gone.


Case 11

• A lady had been suffered from cellulitis for many years; her feet were chapped and inflamed. She tried many medications —even steroids — but her condition didn’t improvement. Finally, she used Magic Balm three or four times a day and for a few weeks. The inflammation subsided day by day. Then she used Massage Oil as a moisturizer for her feet. The deep-penetration effect reached the lower layer of her skin, the cellulitis condition subsided after about two months.

Sun Burnt

Case 12

• After applying Magic Balm twice on a severe sunburn, the redness and pain were gone within 24 hours.


Case 13

• • A young girl was accidently hit on the forehead by a golf club. Her injury required several stitches and Magic Balm was applied three days later. Within a week her wound was almost healed and her scar was barely visible.

Case 14

• Carol had foot surgery. Her post-surgical wound was swollen and left a big scar. She applied Magic Balm a few times per day for about two weeks. The swollen foot and deep scarring gradually improved.